31 Days to a Stronger Marriage: A Guide to Building Closer Relationships

By Dr. Simon Creek

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

18 hrs 7 min

Does love fade with age? Should couples drift apart as the years go on? Is there a way to assure that your marriage doesn’t fall victim to the highly rising national statistics on divorce?

Dr. Simon Creek presents his nationally known 31 Days to a Stronger Marriage program now for the first time.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The secrets to building open communication between yourself and your loved one as well as every member of your family.
  • The triggers that spark deep negative emotional feelings and how to keep them from tearing your relationship apart
  • How to develop relationship empathy
  • How to thrive as a couple yet allow for individuality
  • How to settle arguments without losing control
  • The secrets used by couples in long-lasting relationships and what they can teach you
  • As well as the one thing every couple should make time for.
  • And much, much more.


Exploring Past Lives:  A Guide to the Soul’s Travels

By Sheerah Indigo

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

7 hrs 20 min

Author Sheera Indigo takes the listener on an exploration of the past, the present, and the future, and probes the mysteries of who we really are and where we have come from, as well as where we will go to next.

Are you currently living the best life possible? Can you even imagine it or would you even know if you know if you were?

If you are struggling or suffering, the solutions to heal are already within you and, with guidance from this program, many of those answers can be found.


Healthy Thinking Habits:  Seven Attitude Skills Simplified

By Cathy Burnham Martin

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

1 hr 1 min

Most of us go through times of doubt in our lives, when we don’t think we can do anything right. Having grown up with one of the worst possible attitudes and inner turmoil, the author successfully evolved into an extraordinarily positive adult. Initially featured in work along with Deepak Chopra and Billy Blanks, Cathy Burnham Martin’s Healthy Thinking Habits are finally available on their own. SASS, the acronym for Seven Attitude Skills Simplified, directly impacts our quality of life in a superb way.

In this info-packed book, she serves up the seven skills as vital P vitamins to help you power start each day. Relish the empowerment, planning, perspective, positive actions, persistency, poise, and passion. You also get the 10 Confidence Commandments that help you get the most out of your physical strength, initiative, character, knowledge, commitment, steadiness, teamwork, expectation, perseverance, and sportsmanship.


Why We Fail at Love

By Delilah Sweeney

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

3 hrs 10 min

“Why We Fail at Love” is a study into the pursuit of one of mankind’s most precious desires….


Fat Loss Tips 3… 30 Fat Loss Meals & Nutrition Diet

By V. Noot

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

1 hr 23 min

Fat Loss Eating Tips and Meal Recipes!

A lot of your plans about your ideal weight are connected to your eating habits. This audiobook will help you realize what you are doing and how you can lose fat and maintain your ideal weight by learning great nutritional facts and recipes.

You will learn:

  • Delicious weight loss recipes.
  • Healthy ways to snack.
  • Low-calorie breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
  • General eating tips that help you change your habits.
  • Interesting facts about trans fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and more.
  • How to be smart about eating the right foods.
  • And much more!

Benefits of losing fat:

  • Have a healthier diet.
  • Prepare delicious meals that will make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Improve your health.
  • Build your immune system.
  • Become better at your favorite sport.
  • Live longer.
  • Look beautiful/handsome.
  • Become faster, stronger, and more energetic.

So if you’re ready for some wonderful tips on how to eat smarter and healthier and still keeping delicious flavor in your meals, then just click the button and download this book right now! When you do, you’ll discover some things you had to be reminded of and some new secrets you might not have thought of before.

Reviewer Comments:

  • A healthy and helpful book
  • Five stars for this informative book
  • Simply a wonderful guide and recipe book


The Hormone Fix:  Naturally Rebalance Your System in 10 weeks

By Dr. Julius Herrera

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

4 hrs 8 min

Hormonal imbalance affects more people than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. In fact the problem is so common, experts claim that well over 85 percent of the public currently suffers from some degree of imbalance. Indeed this epidemic is so widespread that the condition is accepted as a normal part of aging. However there is no need to suffer in silence!

Now, you can learn to naturally balance your body’s hormonal system and bring it back into alignment without the use of harmful drugs or expensive therapies.


Universal Force:  The Power Behind the Law of Attraction

By Ishan Rami

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

5 hrs 11 min

We all live in a world that we fill up with our dreams and goals. When we are young we believe everything is possible, there are no limits to the dreams and goals we have or what we feel we are able to achieve.

As we get older, often dreams and goals become more adapted to the “realities” of life and we begin to develop a more “realistic” consciousness, and thus develop what we believe to be more realistic goals. Many believe that this is normal – the longer you live, the more experience and knowledge you collect, and the narrower your frame of possibility becomes.

Many would-be advisers caution others not to think too highly of themselves, or not to carry too lofty of a goal for fear of failure. While still others fear being ostracized for daring to think outside the box.

This program will teach you to remove society’s limitations and open yourself to new paradigms and ways of thinking. It will introduce you to the real you, the one filled with unlimited potential. It will teach you to remove your reality straitjacket and move and think freely – without limits!

You will learn how to control your subconscious to create new dreams – both big and small. You will learn how to manifest those dreams into reality on a daily basis and how to control your thoughts and limit the negative thinking forced upon you by society.

You’ll discover how to improve relationships, lose weight, attract success and happiness, gain wealth and sense of worth, unleash your creative genius, reach important life goals, and clearly define what you want most in life!



A Dangerous Book for Dogs: Train Your Humans with The Bandit Method

By Bandit

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

2 hrs 51 min

Eat this book! Bury it, hide it, or give it to another favorite canine pal, but A Dangerous Book for Dogs should not be allowed to fall into the paws of humans. Do not reveal all the goodies that Bandit, a fabulous “Furever dog,” has compiled for your eyes only.

Here it is, the definitive collection of training tips, human behavior modification techniques, and super secrets to better living all from his own experiences and those of his buddies. It is all here to make your human healthier and happier. This fast listen zooms you to the top at making your humans the best on the block, with improvement ideas to make them better at napping, playing, giving you goodies, and more.

You will learn why humans are so doggone tough to understand sometimes and how to deal with the name game. The secrets are revealed. You will have no more guessing about how to get the instant belly rub or toy or doors opened and closed on your command. Also within this scrumptious book are plenty of delightful stories, illustrating how we dogs are more adept at many skills, such as experiencing changes, being kind and loyal, and loving unconditionally. Get ready for fun, fur, and frivolous giggles.

Plus Bandit includes four bonus treats. They include: food and treat safety, more secrets to happiness, great resources, and careers for dog lovers. Bandit says you deserve these bonus goodies because you have been so good!


Baby & Meow

By Retha Shortridge

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

2 hrs 32 min

This is a children’s fantasy book.

A mischievous cat tries to convince the other pets that they have no heartbeat and are dying, so he can bury them in dirt. The family is planning a vacation and the dogs must get their shots for it. Rambo, one of the dogs, runs away from the vet and takes the other dogs to a farm where they are invited to a hay ride. The short children find a magical garden at the farm during the ride. The fruit and veggies come alive at night. At last, the family goes on the fun vacation.

This book has both educational and religious overtones.


Jesus Saved My Baby’s Life

By Retha J. Shortridge

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

2 hrs 49 min

A physician tells me that I am not pregnant, and schedules me for surgery. Jesus appears to me in a dream and says, “You are pregnant, and if you have this surgery, both you and the baby will die.” He tells me what to name my boy. I go to another doctor, tell him my dream, and he does an ultrasound. I am two months pregnant. I believe the dream saved my baby’s life. The book tells of other warnings that family members and I have received.



Daniels Fork:  A Mystery Set in the Daniel’s Fork Universe

By Zeecé Lugo

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

7 hrs 47  minutes

Warning: This novel contains some strong sexual content not suitable for younger listeners and may be offensive to some.

When spurned suitor Alex Neville swears to the lovely Susanna, “They’ll keep on dying. I can wait forever,” she knows he is pronouncing a death sentence on every lover she’ll ever have. It’s no wonder that when the dashing and powerful new lord shows admiration for the beautiful girl, she sees him as the answer to her prayers: a man not easily killed.

Will Evers, new lord of Daniel’s Fork, detests the village “witch”, as he calls Setiyah, the healer. She has declared him the “wrong man for the job”, quickly becoming the thorn in his side. At the town pub, he meets and romances the lovely Susanna, thereby becoming the target of her murderous suitor. Drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Evers soon realizes the magnitude of the cunning evil he faces. Determined to catch the vicious killer, the handsome lord is forced to seek the help of the “dratted witch”, as he sets a trap to catch a cunning killer, using himself as bait!

Set in a future where our technology has disappeared and humanity lives once again by the light of torch and hearth, this postapocalyptic, dystopian mystery is a real genre bender. Written in light, flowing prose, it blends humor, eroticism, mystery, romance, and science fiction into one highly entertaining story.­­

Reviewer Comments:

  • Murder, greed, and sex
  • Post-apocalyptic excellence
  • Great read!
  • Miss Marple worthy
  • Dramatic flair
  • Mystery and steamy romance


The Relentless Brit:  A Tale of Relentless Love, Espionage, and Spies

By Sarina Rose

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

6 hrs 22 min

Conflict sets the pace. Relentless love rules the day.

Marie Gentile is a young widow working in her brother’s law office investigating divorce cases. She longs for adventure and the chance to work on criminal cases. She is lucky to have a job after the economic depression of the 1930s. As she sits in a diner waiting for a friend, a handsome man comes through the door and attracts her attention.

Charles Stanhope is a handsome strong British secret agent who, in his words, is married to ending Hitler’s war. He is in the United States to recruit Marie to assist him in preparing propaganda to be dropped over Italy to thwart the German Occupation and the rule of Mussolini. He succeeds, and the two spend evenings working together. It is love at first sight for him. He wants her with him. He has to arrange that.

Reviewer Comments:

  • I loved this!
  • A “must read” for all vintage romance book lovers
  • Very satisfying
  • A war time love story


Haunted House

By Joan Shortridge

Narrated by Cathy Burnham Martin

5 hrs 15 min

A family moves into a 100-year-old house and are terrorized by some unknown enemy. Their youngest son is possessed by it, and turns violent against his own family. This entity kills several members of the church-owned farm where some of the story takes place.