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A Dangerous Book for Dogs: Train Your Human

Authors: Bandit, Cathy Burnham Martin

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

Eat this book!  Bury it, hide it, or give it to another favorite canine pal, but “A Dangerous Book for Dogs” should not be allowed to fall into the paws of humans.  Don’t reveal all the goodies that Bandit, a fabulous “Furever” dog, has compiled for your eyes only.  Here it is… the definitive collection of training tips, human behavior modification techniques, and super secrets to happiness… all from his own experiences and those of his buddies.  It’s all here to make your human healthier and happier.  This fast read zooms you to the top and making your humans the best on the block… with improvement ideas to make them better at napping, playing, giving you goodies, and more.

You’ll learn why humans are so dog-gone tough to understand sometimes and how to deal with the “name game.”  The secrets are revealed… no more guessing about how to get the instant belly rub or toy or doors opened and closed on our command.  Also within these scrumptious pages are plenty of delightful stories, illustrating how we dogs are more adept at many skills, such as experiencing changes, being kind and loyal, and loving unconditionally.  Get ready for fun, fur, and frivolous giggles.  Plus Bandit includes four FREE Bonus Treats… “Food & Treat Safety,” “More Secrets to Happiness,” “Great Resources,” and “Careers for Dog Lovers.”  Bandit says you deserve these goodies because you’ve been so good!

A Dangerous Book for Dogs Full Color Edition
A Dangerous Book for Dogs
Full Color Edition

A Dangerous Book for Dogs – Full Color Edition

This edition is exactly like the book above, except that it features more than 100 color photographs.  This one’s perfect for the true dog fancier.








Miles-Mannered Man

Available in Paperback and eBook; Audiobook scheduled for release in 2017

Authors: Miles Martin, Cathy Burnham Martin

This collection of tall tales, wagging tails, and tantalizing treats is penned from the paw of one amazing dog… Miles.  Letters to his human away at school evolved into a paws-itively riotous romp that will have every dog fancier howling.  Miles wins hearts with his fantastical, first-hand accounts of Life as it is and always should be.  The Miles-Mannered Man reveals life through the eyes of a dog, complete with his mischievous but gentle manner shining through on every page.  From training the Federal Express delivery personnel to sneaking into a Marriot hotel, the adventures of Miles, a real-life rescued Newfoundland.  A fast, fun read for canine fans, Dog Days in the Life of The Miles-Mannered Man dishes up poignant, utterly relatable observations, hysterical antics, and purely canine philosophies we all can follow.  In addition to the 40+ regular chapters of warm, furry fun with some of his favorite tales, Miles also includes 4 FREE BONUS TREATS in every copy of his paperback… because you’ve been good.  Extra Treat #1 looks at Presidential Pooches and other various pets who have graced our nation’s First Families.  Extra Treat #2 shares the collected stories of a wide variety of famous and heroic dogs.  Extra Treat #3 serves up more than twenty of Miles’ favorite recipes, though he admits his humans prepare them far better than he.  Extra Treat #4 is one of his favorites… Dog Jokes and Quotes with the Miles Paw of Approval.