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Healthy Thinking Habits: Seven Attitude Skills Simplified

Author: Cathy Burnham Martin

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

Find out fast what a “Can Do” spirit can do for you and how to make it your own!  Learn how to turn trouble into personal triumph, just as the author did.  Cathy Burnham Martin delivers simple action steps to help you overcome inner conflicts and take back your life!  Initially featured in work along with Deepak Chopra and Billy Blanks, Cathy Burnham Martin’s Healthy Thinking Habits are finally available on their own.  SASS, her acronym for Seven Attitude Skills Simplified, directly impacts our quality of life in a superb way.   Packed with terrific tips and timeless secrets, this breakthrough book empowers readers with keys to get back in control in a crazy world and conquer the struggle for self-worth and confidence.   “Healthy Thinking Habits” is a fast read… serving up the seven skills as vital “P” vitamins to help you power start each day, while becoming your personal best.  Relish the empowerment, planning, perspective, positive actions, persistency, poise, and passion.  She also shares the 10 Confidence Commandments to help you get the most out of your physical strength, initiative, character, knowledge, commitment, steadiness, teamwork, expectation, perseverance, and sportsmanship while becoming your personal best.


Of the Same Blood: Your Eurasian Heritage

Authors: Marjorie Rowe Gulumian, Cathy Burnham Martin

Available in Paperback and eBook

Revealing far more than a typical memoir, this non-fiction gem reveals the strength of human character under tumultuous challenges.  These are true stories of struggle and survival in a family that merged two strong, but diverse cultures, endured extreme challenges, and rose victorious from the ashes.  Marjorie Rowe Gulumian wanted her grandchildren to know their backgrounds.  Her wisdom provides great perspective and offers hope in a world still filled with too much hatred and ignorance.  Now her granddaughter, Cathy Burnham Martin, revives Marjorie’s stories and memories for future generations.  Imagine a mother’s crisis, grabbing the hands of two young boys and running over Mount Ararat to escape the ongoing massacre of Armenians at the hands of marauding Turks.  Grasp being disowned by a family filled with prejudice and misunderstanding right at the start of the Great Depression.  Picture raising three babies in a 3rd floor apartment with no running water.  Cheer as they endure, evolve, and emerge victorious, showing their world with loving motivation.  Of the Same Blood illuminates Marjorie Rowe Gulumian’s beliefs that family comes first and that together we can do anything and be anything we chose.