Lobacious Lobster

This full-color cookbook, Lobacious Lobster, from Cathy Burnham Martin features 200 of what she calls her decadently super simple recipes and more than 100 photographs.   She removes the mystique of preparing a huge variety of lobster recipes, making them easy for any home cook.

Beyond recipes, Martin serves up in-the-know lobster information and how-to’s, as well as riotous lobster quotes and lists of places to purchase lobster or lobster meat and to dine on lobster in restaurants from Maine to Florida.

Free sample recipes and more information on this and her other cookbooks can be found on Cathy Burnham Martin’s website, GoodLiving123.comLobacious Lobster is available in 8.5 x 8.5″ paperback and digital (Kindle) formats from Barnes  & Noble, Amazon, and wherever else fine books are sold.