About Quiet Thunder

In 2010, Quiet Thunder gained exclusive rights to publish the emerging line of KISSTM books — the Keep It Super SimpleTM cookbooks.  All recipes are designed to be prepared easily, capturing the essence of gourmet and restaurant flair, without the long list of ingredients or complex preparation steps.
Readers are also invited to submit their own original recipes or Super Simple adaptations for inclusion in future cookbooks by emailing to: SubmitRecipes@QTPublishing.com.  Submissions become the property of Keep It Super SimpleTM and Quiet Thunder PublishingTM, but our editors strive to provide proper credit to those who create and submit recipes.  They suggest including your name and geographic region as well as any interesting information as to when, where or why the recipe was created or adapted.

Quiet Thunder Publishing also produces a variety of other paperback and digital Books and Audiobooks from non-fiction to novels.



KISSTM recipes, samplers, cookbooks, and collections are exclusively published by Quiet ThunderTM, which owns all rights.  Though in print as well as Kindle eBook digital formats for your convenience, there are no resale rights included or implied.  If you wish to include any recipes, samplers, collections, or information in any form of electronic, digital, print or other form of media or presentation, please contact Quiet Thunder for written permission:  Editor@QTPublishing.com

Reviews or information included in essay formats can include the Quiet Thunder Publishing name and website:  www.QTPublishing.com

References to KISSTM recipes can also refer to the trademarked Keep It Super Simple KISSTM.  JPG-formatted logos will be supplied upon request and with all written permissions.