The Bimbo Has Brains And Other Freaky Facts

Bimbo bursts with facts, fiction, and fun.  Not a run-of-the-mill relationship book, Cathy Burnham Martin delves into the sassy sides of our human nature to reveal why some relationships remain unfulfilling while others blossom and become ultimately satisfying.  Her recipes for success flow tastefully, packed with hard truths, while seasoned with plenty of humor.

A long-time journalist and corporate communications geek, Martin skillfully unravels stereotypes, while relating her own experience and vulnerabilities along the personal growth trail.  To help you succeed in your loving relationship, intimate, and often painful, relationship realities are shared, complete with foibles told from both parties’ perspectives.  Many names, places, and dates have been changed to protect the guilty… and the innocent.

Many highlights in The Bimbo Has Brains go well beyond “He said.  She said.”  You’ll learn how to avoid what Martin has dubbed as the “stresspools” of life.  You’ll also see the importance of striving for true intimacy on several levels, with the goal of earning the Intimacy High Five.  Immediately usable tips range from understanding the big and little differences in age, sexuality, empathy, and ways men versus women communicate… and fail to communicate.

Getting truly personal, she reveals obvious and often hidden signs that a lover is a cheater and how to cope with a serial liar.  Readers love her parody of comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be a Redneck,” as Martin takes an all-too-realistic spin with “You Might Be a Control Freak.”

This is a look at how we all, both men and women, can and should be proud of our “bimboism.”  Martin doesn’t claim to have “senior moments” or “brain cramps.”  She gives credit to “bimbo moments,” along with plenty of other tongue-in-cheek tidbits and hysterically historical realities of stereotyping.

Other freaky facts deal with our foolish, though great expectations in relationships, double standards to flush, when we should trust (but verify), and the importance of dialing down anger levels.

Perhaps most importantly, Cathy Burnham Martin shows how to make affirmations that work.  She reveals vital and applicable aspects to unconditional love, and provides immediately usable information about giving genuine forgiveness.

Through all the seriousness of surviving the relationship mazes we forge or find ourselves in, she believes in letting a sense of humor maintain our balance and sanity.  In that spirit, The Bimbo Has Brains flows with plenty of quips, quotes, and other obnoxiousness, simply because life is funny that way.


AND some male perspective from the companion book by John A. Gehrisch:

The Golf Pro Has Heart reveals unique secrets into the “how’s and why’s” happy love relationships work… or don’t work.  This relationship book delves into lessons learned from what became a life-changing journey for its author.  This book includes fun, golf-oriented stories that will also be interesting to non-golfers.   Golf Tour Professional, John Gehrisch, took the disciplines he learned from his parents, his business experiences, secrets he gleaned as a professional golfer, and probably most importantly, his observations of other extremely happy, loving, long-term couples to develop the JAG Formula for Happy, Loving, Long-Term Relationships.   The secrets he uncovered can provide guidelines to help choose the proper life mate or improve an existing good or troubled relationship.  Possible answers appear to create a more solid foundation and keep a relationship from collapsing.

Throughout the book, Gehrisch also drives his vital messages home with plenty of delightful golf stories, tour experiences, and tips.  Always one to find levity, even in challenging circumstances, the author puts a unique spin on improving our most important love relationship.  This is anything but a “typical relationship book.”  You need not be a golfer to find this an entertaining and educational read for both men and women.  More information can be found on the website.

Both companion books, The Bimbo Has Brains and The Golf Pro Has Heart, are now available in paperback and digital formats through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major booksellers everywhere.